I’m not going to tell you my #metoo story.   I think we’ve all read enough sadness.  I’m going to tell you my reaction to the #metoo movement.  Because it’s equally sad.

I definitely have a pretty decent pessimist side.  Even though I really try to outshine it on a daily basis with positivity, it comes out every now and then, especially when I’m tired.  And having an 18 month old, I’m generally always tired – so my shine is a little more dull than I’d like it to be.  So my reaction should be taken with a grain of salt – but I still think it needs to be said.

My conversation with my husband about #metoo went something like this:

Me:  “I don’t get the #metoo.  If you are female, then you’ve been at least harassed.  Some strange guy somewhere has told you “nice ass” – and that’s sexual harassment.  We’ve all experienced it.”

My husband: Stunned look.  “It would never cross my mind to say something like that.”

Bam.  He put me in my place.

While it’s true – I think many, many of us have at least be sexually harassed.  We’ve had the moment where a random guy said something or looked at us in a way that made us want to cover up and run.  I worked with athletes in college, and wore baggy clothes on a daily basis because I didn’t like the way my body was looked at when I wore clothes that fit.  But I didn’t think of it as harassment – even though it was.  It too me was guys being guys.  They say inappropriate things, sometimes make you feel uncomfortable, and as women we have to be strong enough to say no and move on.

That’s really what I thought.  Perhaps working in such a male-dominated field made me have those beliefs.  I always heard how we had to be so strong being females in a male’s world.  So I thought we had to suck it up and develop a thick skin.  So sad!

But the truth is – there are men out there who would never even think of saying something inappropriate or making a woman feel uncomfortable in her own skin.  My husband taught me that.

And it’s sad that I had to be taught that.  But I did.

#metoo  #nomore  #ibelieveyou



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