Project Smile

I try to take daily walks, and I occasionally jog short distances during my walks.  It’s part of my get back in shape plan after pregnancy, but it’s also good for my mental and emotional health.

I often listen to podcasts during these outings.  If I listen to music, my mind will start wandering, sometimes to things I don’t want to think about.  A good podcast will keep my attention.

I’ve been listening a lot to my churches podcasts.  The weekly sermon, which we have not attended in more time than I’d like to admit, is often my choice.  And as I’ve listened to the past few months sermons over the past week (I was pretty backed up on my podcasts), the same theme was used over and over again.  The world is so filled with fear and hate – and we need to start moving towards love.

Ever since my son came into this world, my heart has been overfilled with love.  I have so much love to give him.  And when I see the faces of strangers, no matter how different they are from me, I am reminded that they are someone’s child.  Someone’s heart was overfilled with love when they came into the world.  And it makes me smile – at them.  And I love the feeling I get when they smile back.

It may seem simple, but that’s how I show love to the world right now.  Smiling.  A form of respect.  A simple gesture that says “you are cared for.”

I know that won’t end any of the craziness in the world.  But as my minister said, if we can change just one person’s heart – keep them from doing any act of hatred that is on there mind that day, then it’s worth it.  And you never know how far a smile can go.


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