Productivity abounds

The great thing about a rest day, is the next day you are more than ready to go, go, go!

After a lazy Sunday, Monday was a very productive day.

I got a great deal of work done, which is fabulous.  I’ve been getting my daily tasks completed but haven’t had any time to do any research of brainstorming to improve on my daily tasks.   I’m excited to come up with some new ideas that keeps my job fun and interesting, as well as helps to improve my workplace!

I did some housework, including laundry and cleaning the stove.  I hate cleaning the stove, but it’s a necessary evil.  You cook, you have to clean.  Bleck!  I love to cook, but cleaning, not my favorite thing!

And then I went to an indoor cycle class.  I’m becoming somewhat addicted to indoor cycling and I’m not sure why.  It’s not really “fun”.  In fact, it’s more on the boring side than any of my other workouts.  But it’s challenging, and I love a good challenge.  So I guess that’s why I keep going.  One day I want to be like my favorite instructor, who powers through a very tough 1 hour workout without huffing and puffing.  She sweats, but you never hear her breathing into the mic.  It’s quite impressive!

Today has been a day off so I’m trying not to lose my productivity mojo and get things done, with some time for relaxing of course.

I did some strength training at home with the Nike Training App.  I’m starting a new program and I think I’m going to like it – I’ll give you more updates once I do a few more workouts.

I ran to Target and spent a whole lot of money.  I mean, really, do you ever not spend a lot of money at Target?

And I baked some banana avocado muffins.  Yum!  Look for that recipe coming up soon too.

So all in all, productivity abounds.  While it’s not the most exciting two days in the world, most of the time life isn’t overly exciting.  So there’s a little glimpse into my daily life.

Hope you have a great Tuesday!


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