Lazy Sunday

Yesterday I had a total lazy day.  I did not work out, I did not clean anything, I did not even leave the house.  My husband and I are both planners, and we had our day all planned out.  It wasn’t overly full, but there was enough on our schedule to make a decent and productive day.

But neither of us were motivated to do anything.  It was pouring rain, again, and the desire to go outside had left us both.

So we spent a quality day together.  And to be honest, it was great.  We rarely have days where we spend the entire day together.  I work on Saturdays and he usually plays soccer on Sundays, so we always have to work around our schedules to be together.  But yesterday, he had no soccer, we had nothing we had to do, so we just chilled.

And it was fabulous!  I did feel a bit guilty at times, but looking back on it just a day afterwards, I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than with my husband.  Especially since we both have very busy weeks ahead and there will be days where we barely see each other.

Sometimes you have to listen to your body, your mind, your spirit.  The world tells you to go, go, go.  To accomplish, to check things off your to-do list.  Every day is a sprint.  But every now and then you need to slow down, and maybe achieve nothing but relaxation for the day.  It’s a rare luxury in today’s world to be able to do this.  But if you can, and your body is asking you to do it, do it.  Guilt free.  Because frankly, down the line, what are you going to be more happy that you did?  Go get an errand done that could have waited a few days longer, or spend some quality time with your favorite person in the world, resting your body and your soul.

For me, the answer is easy.

No guilt on rest days!


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